Production of heat exchange modules TOM-1 and steaming boilers TOM-2 New location of heat removal elements allowing to provide large area of heat removal and reaching high coefficient of performance.

Fuel saving no less than 40% for the heating season.

Developmentoftechnicaldocumentationforincreasingoremining, metallurgy, technogenicmaterials Concentrate doesn’t require additional operation (drying);

Having active surface from 50 to 100 mkm (grains are better opening), therefore providing large extract into concentrate of valuable components;

No need of adding various chemicals;

Twice energy saving

Reduce of air dustiness, as dust is practically completely retained by electrical field inside separator.

OrthopedicclinicofR.S.Alimkhanovaprofessor High efficiency of treatment of orthopedic pathologies;

Reduce of treatment periods twice;

Provision of complete retrieval;

Completely excluded:

Operative methods of treatment and all traditional methods of conservative treatment;

Long time expensive stationary treatments

Application of plaster dressing

Complications and recurrence of deformation

Disablement of children


Utilization of large dimension auto tires by cutting them into segments – secondary processing of rubber

– mobility of the unit

– capacity of unit 5 tons per day

– completely self operation of the unit


Settingserialproductionofhomemadedevicesformeteringgrainhumidity Innovation – developed technology of synthesis of humidity sensor based on nanoporuos ceramics, which as per sensibility exceed foreign equivalents.
Forecasting possible occurrence of insult Innovation – Computer program “InRisk” defines possible occurrence of cerebral stroke of patients based on data from laboratory and clinical instrumentation researches.
Modularunitforproducingbiogas, organicfertilizers, heatandelectricpower This type of units will have more flexible number of capacities, adapted to climatic and crude conditions of Kazakhstan. Project plans preparation of modular bio gas units which will allow to considerably simplify the mounting, starting and maintenance in comparison with traditional bio gas units. In the process of creating industrial prototype model at the base of Karaganda agro technical college, there is taking place preparation of specialists on maintenance of bio nits.


Productionofaeroionicdevicesofwideprofile Aero ionic device is designated for cleaning the air from various hazardous mixtures and enrichment with negative aero ions.

Application of aero ion devices allows to treat many illnesses: illness of heart vascular system, hypertonic illnesses, cardiac angina, high blood pressure diseases, bronchiectatic disease, initial stages of tuberculosis, illness of upper respiratory tracts, angina, illness of nerve system, fast tiredness, irritation, low attention and etc.

Ecologicallycleanhydrodynamicheatersoffluidswithhighefficiencyfactor Transformation of power of swirling flow moving there under pressure of fluid into heat energy using cavity effect
Arrangement of producing copper pipes as per ASTM Copper pipes of 6 to 46 mm diameters are used for refrigerating units and air conditioners, brake systems and tubes for vehicles, condensators and heat exchangers, power stations and oil processing plants, medicine, system of circulation of fluids and lubricate materials, home water supply, sanitary engineering and fire safety systems, gas lines of individual and multifamily houses
Economicsystemofheatingroomsbasedonelectricalhydraulicheatingpump – ratio of power conversion reaching 10-15 units;

– The installation is remote and operating from 220V alternate current source, besides can work by means of sun power

– the unit is easily producible as doesn’t require expensive equipment and materials



The unit can be used in the different designation rooms: residential houses, hospitals, kindergartens, and schools, state institutions, small and medium farming, also at the production facilities.

Production of organic mineral fertilizers with humid keeping and growth stimulating functions based on humates of oxide coals and cattle breeding wastes Production of ecologically clean organic fertilizer – bio stimulator with possibility of fertilizers increasing the harvest no less than for 10-15%.

Organic mineral fertilizers can be produced on any soil. Content of any element ot substance in the fertilizers, also pH as per request of customer can be increased or reduced.

Also contents of fertilizers usable for applying for any cultivations, for export to other countries, for wholesaling in Kazakhstan

Ecologically clean, waste less, economic production of heating energy with production of special coke from high calorie coals of Karaganda coal mining basin.


Purpose of the project:

Setting technological chain of receiving bricks of thermal coke for metallurgy during production of ferrous manganese alloy, non-ferrous metallurgy, production of calcium carbide, mineral fertilizers for food industry and agricultural industry.

Major types of products panned to be produced are heat energy and smokeless fuel.

Producing special coke brick based on ecologically clean and humid repellent bending substance supposes reaching following goals:


–          Improvement of mechanical stability of special coke which is important for its usage in metallurgy industry

–          Qualitative improvement of storage capability of special coke as moist repellant material during its storage and transportation under open air

–          Qualitative improvement of marketable style of special coke, as non smoke domestic fuel, also ecologically clean


Production of copolymers of non saturated polyether resins for mining, motor, coating industries, construction industry and agriculture


Technology of production of non saturated poly ether resin allows to reduce power costs for its obtaining, to increase speed and reduce production cycle. Thankfully to above mentioned, considerably reducing prime cost of end products.
Vacuumradiatoroflowpressure Purpose of the project:

Commericialization and implementation into heat supply system of convectional electrical heater of low pressure with efficient heat carrier for reducing expenses for energy for heating the buildings.

Modernity of the unit:

–          New construction of electrical heating devices

–          New approach in solving energy saving problems and heating of housing services and utilities objects

–          Construction of electric radiator of low pressure protected with innovational patent of RoK №25691;

–          Absence in the system of heat supply of pipelines, circulation pumps and liquid heat carrier

Organizationonproductionoffood additive “IPSIL” Purpose of the project:

Setting new production of high efficiency food additives with utilization of wastes of rice production – rice hull,


–          as crude used wastes rice processing companies (rice hull)

–          contains amorphous silica and amorphous carbonium

–          adding food additive Ipsil into food of cattle increasing nutrition, reducing mortality especially in earlier ages, prevents occurrence of indigestion, removes toxic and hazardous metabolic products from organism

–          Ipsil has clear bactericide and fungicidal activity, doesn’t contain cancerous substances therefore can be used as antiseptic in medicine and in agriculture

Production of high technology gas flow meter, portable TAIRG-M Purpose of the project

Production of TAIRG-M device for equipping coal mines, developing most dangerous formations that exposed to sudden emissions of coal and gas

Modernity of the unit:

TAIRG-M will allow to replace applied at the coal mines of ex USSR mechanical heat flow meters, will provide objectification and infirmity of results by means of electronic digital processing of signals, memorizing them and comparing the received results as per time and per depth of control holes.

Arrangementofproducingorganicmineralandorganichumanefertilizers Technology of receiving organic mineral humane fertilizers supposes usage of humane substances of oxidized coal for creating various compositions of fertilizers in set with mineral fertilizers (micro and macro elements0 in various ratios.

The project considers usage of coal mining wastes of Shubarkol, Maikube, Kuztesky section of Karaganda oblast and other fields as basic crude.

Technology is waste less, ecologically safe and allows to compose various compositions of actions (universal, vegetable, beet cellar, lawn, coniferous, flower and etc.)