1. “National agency on technological development” JSC


|National agency on technological development” JSC was set for cooperation in providing coordination of process of innovative development and providing of measures of state support. Competence and authorities of Agency given in Law “About state support of industrial innovative activities” dated Jan.9th 2012, where in spheres of support of innovation activities provided following:

System of technological planning of country

14 tools of support of industrial innovative development

4 new types of innovative grants

Provided mechanisms of analysis of efficiency of performance of industrial innovative policy

Improvement of existing mechanisms of supporting innovationsMajor orientations of Agency activities:


Informative analytic support of innovative processes

Development of commercialization system

Development of efficient innovative infrastructure

Administration of service tools of innovation support

Investment support of innovative projects

Popularization of innovative activitiesMajor tools of support of entrepreneurship by Agency


Innovative grants

Project financing

Financing through venture funds

Providing services of technological business incubation

Providing services of constructive bureaus

Providing services of international centers of technology transfer

Address of site of “National agency on technological development” JSC



2. “NK SPK Saryarka’ JSC

Social entrepreneur corporation Saryarka – national company set as Joint stock company, targeted for cooperation to economic growth of Karaganda oblast by consolidation of state and private sectors. At the moment SPK created within all regions of Kazakhstan:


Decision about setting SPK was made by Government of RoK in accordance with accepted Strategies of territorial development and mid range plan of development of regions including main directions of development of oblasts.

Difference of social entrepreneur corporation from commercial corporations – in re investing received profits into social projects of the same region, in the interests of which they are created.


Thus, under the social responsibility should be understood not only investing profits in social projects, but also to create and maintain a competitive business, the creation of new industries based on unprofitable enterprises, the effective use of state property. Each such corporation shall become a regional development institution, which will help to strengthen cooperation.



SPK are designed together with the private sector to develop the region’s mineral wealth, promote regional business providing land, financial resources, as well as construction and development of infrastructure.

SPK will direct the resources of the state and private capital for the formation of business environment and to stimulate competition in the unattractive at this point for business, but having social meaning spheres. These primarily include education, health, culture and sports.


At SPK with the help of financial support from the state and private investors will also be realized high-tech investment and innovation projects. In addition to new projects SPK will deal with reanimation of existing state-owned enterprises, reinvestment of profits in the social, economic and cultural projects in the region.

To access external markets SPK in coordination with development institutions and Akimats will permanently identify potential breakthrough projects, based on characteristics of the regions, their industry and export priorities. The next step for the SPK will be to identify and attract the most effective investment tools for their implementation. Next will be provided consecutive interpretation of projects from status of potential into actual, bringing them to the level of becoming corporate leaders (the principle of partnership).


Major activities of “Saryarka” SPK

Creation of a single economic market based on the cluster approach. Creating a favorable economic environment for investment and innovation. Participation in the development and implementation of investment projects. Participation in the development and implementation of programs aimed at the development of the social sphere.

Exploration, production and processing of minerals, including the commonly occurring as defined in the list of types and amounts of mineral reserves approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Development and implementation of projects for the rehabilitation and restructuring of organizations, the state transferred in payment of authorized shares or creation on their basis of new industries.

Implementation of business projects, including on the basis of concessions and cluster initiatives. Creating the institutional conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Creating a competitive, export-oriented industries on the basis of the public – private partnership.



Address of site of “ NK SPK Saryarka’ JSC:


3.  Commercialization offices


Commercialization offices are part of the support commercialization and created in collaboration with research institutes, universities.

Created offices performing following functions:

-definition of inventions and technologies with commercial potential – business ideas -process control commercialization of business ideas, -assistance in determining the best ways to market a business project within the research organization, department, or sale of a license, -definition and promotion of business ideas in the field of research services; – and technical advice, analysis and expertise,

-when licensing the search for suitable partners – buyers of licenses and harmonization of licensing agreements, -Work with outside experts in all areas of commercialization, -marketing research and activities in support of potential projects -define and establish relationships with potential business partners. In 2011 created 9 commercialization offices together with the following institutes and universities:


4. “Regional center of state private partnership of Karaganda oblast” JSC

Public-private partnership – is cooperation between the public and private sectors to implement infrastructure projects and public service.

The essence of ГЧП –- is a redistribution of responsibilities and risks for the development of sectors that are normally the responsibility of the state. In ГЧП projects, the public sector sets the parameters and standards for infrastructure and public services and the private sector takes over, for example, the obligation on the development, construction, financing and management of the facility in accordance with these parameters or assume any obligation to comply with the relevant requirements when providing services.

Instead, the private sector receives from the state / consumers pay, the amount of which depends on the results achieved.


Address of site of “Regional center of state private partnership of Karaganda oblast” JSC


5. “Fund of development of DAMU entrepreneurship” JSC

DaMU  fund – national development institute, 100% shares of which belong to |”Fund of national prosperity “Samruk_Kazyna” JSC


Mission Fund “Damu” – promoting quality development of MSB and Microfinance Organizations of Kazakhstan as an integrator and operator of providing financial and consulting services.


To date, the Foundation is the only public institution of development through which the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan implements policies that support small business development. Passing 10-year-old stage of development, the Foundation this year has developed a new concept for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the realization of which should begin with the next 2008 Y.

The main objective of the new concept and policy as per small and medium businesses – to promote the competitiveness of small and medium business in Kazakhstan, its qualitative breakthrough productivity growth and competitiveness in this field.

Address of site of “Fund of development of DAMU entrepreneurship” JSC :


6. Special economic zone “Sary Arka”

Special Economic Zone “Sary Arka” – created by presidential decree in November 2011 at the industrial park metallurgy and metalworking. The purpose of creation is the development of metallurgical and metalworking industries, in particular, the production of finished products by attracting global brands manufacturers. Priority activities identified for Special economic zone “Sary Arka” production of metallurgy products and metal products, electronic and optical products, chemical industry, building industry. Participants of Special economic zone “Sary Arka” use tax and customs privileges, and the stimulus also a complete solution of infrastructure issues.


7. Chemical metallurgy institute named after Zh.Abishev

Chemical metallurgy institute named after Zh.Abishev of Republican State Enterprise “National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chemical and Metallurgical Institute, one of the central research institutes, which has accumulated vast experience of fundamental and applied research in the mineral processing of RK and metallurgical production wastes. Chemical and Metallurgical Institute performs research on enrichment and agglomeration of ferrous and non-ferrous metals processing technology development substandard and technogenic raw materials, the production of ferrous and non-ferrous and rare metals under various state scientific and technical programs.

Address of site of Chemical metallurgy institute named after Zh.Abishev



8. Karaganda state technical university is one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan. The university has created an innovative educational consortium Corporate University with the participation of large industrial enterprises, research institutions and universities of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.


A special place in the work to improve the educational process and the implementation of scientific research laboratory takes an engineering profile “Integrated development of mineral resources” – one of the first in Kazakhstan, established on a competitive basis pursuant to the instructions of the President.

Scintific researches of University aimed at solving problems of energy, engineering, transport, information and communication technologies, new materials, construction, engineering pedagogic issues, coal cehcmisty, foundry and metallurgy, instrumentation and mining.


Address of site of Karaganda state technical university:



9. Karaganda state university named after E.Buketov

Karaganda state university named after E.Buketov has a well-deserved recognition in the scientific and educational community in Kazakhstan and abroad. University focused on strengthening its leading position as a leading research and educational center of the Republic, the modernization of scientific and educational environment and obtaining the status of a research university.


Modern scientific and educational infrastructure of the university includes research institutions, research laboratories, centers of innovative education. Scientists at the University are involved in the implementation of more than 200 scientific basic, applied, innovative, risky and contract based subjects as per all the priority areas of science.

Address of site of Karaganda state university named after E.Buketov:



10. Karaganda state industrial university

Karaganda state industrial university one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan for the preparation of highly qualified personnel with higher education in the metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, construction, metallurgy and other related areas that are a priority for the mining industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established in 1963.


11. Karaganda state medical university

Karaganda state medical university is a leading medical institution in Kazakhstan for training skilled personnel for the health care system, has a high reputation in the provision of educational,

scientific, medical and diagnostic services, has a high national ranking of medical schools in Kazakhstan.

Address of site of Karaganda state medical university



KAZREMSHINA LLP was based in 2011. The company specializes in three areas of service, performance of work and the sale of goods:

Tapping worn oversized tires into segments and rent them to the factories RTI; repair of large tires of all sizes (repair cuts); sale of oversized tires of all sizes and manufacturers.

KAZREMSHINA LLP along with “TechnoPark” LLP performed a project “Utilization of large size tires by cutting them into segments”

Specifics of the project:

– Environmentally clean recycling of rubber; – Mobility of the machine; – The performance of the machine 5 tons per day; – Completely autonomous operation of the machine.



13. Scientific research company “TemirmenMys” LLP

Main business is the manufacture of environmentally clean hydrodynamic heaters of fluid with high efficiency. The uniqueness of the installation is to convert the energy of moving the swirling flow therein pressurized fluid into thermal energy by using the effect of cavitation.




Main business is the production of a new type of boilers’ Heat exchanger module. “The novelty of this heating boilers fundamentally new location of heat removal elements, allowing to provide a large of heat removal and consequently achieve high efficiency, as well as competitive performance.