LLP «Saryarka Technology Park» established according to the regulation № 256 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01/03/04. According to the minutes of the general meeting of partners from 18th of October 2012 year LLP «Technology Park UniScienTech» was officially renamed to LLP «Saryarka Technology Park» (registered in judicial bodies).




1. JSC «Center for engineering and transfer of technologies» (share of JCS «Center for engineering and transfer of technologies» is under the beneficial ownership of JCS «National Agency for Technological Development»);

JCS «National Agency for Technological Development» created for the assistance in the coordination of innovative development processes and provision of the government support.

Web address of JCS «National Agency for Technological Development»:

2. JCS «National Company«Social-Entrepreneurship Corporation «Saryarka» – it is a National company established as a Joint Stock Company, targeted on promotion of the Karaganda region economy through the consolidation of public and private sectors.

Web address of JCS « National Company«Social-Entrepreneurship Corporation «Saryarka»:


Technology Park Mission:

– Creation of favorable conditions for development of innovative activities in the region by the introduction of effective mechanism of comprehensive support the establishment and development of new innovative enterprises.

Technology Park Goal

– Establishment and development of technology park as one facility – regional center of innovative activities support and development

Technology Park Objectives

1)    Provision of set of measures on technological business-incubation;

2)    Assistance in the organization of provision and receiving government support for industrial-innovative entities, stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3)    Assignment of fitted out workplaces, offices, conference and presentation areas for temporary use, including communication tools and office equipment;

4)    Organization and running of educational workshops, seminars, courses and consultations;

5)   Organization and running of events, oriented to the admission, selection and formation of industrial-innovative projects, as well as their support;

6)    Provision of engineering services, including availability to use premises and facilities of the laboratory;

7)    Provision of consultation, analytical, methodological and information services;

8)    Assistance in transfer of technologies;

9)    Assistance in the commercialization of domestic and foreign technologies;

10)  Assistance in international cooperation in the area of industrial-innovative activities;

11)  Assistance in attracting investments for the realization of industrial-innovative projects;

12)  Assistance in management and promotion of industrial-innovative projects;

13)  Assistance and/or participation in creation of juridical person with main activity of realization of industrial-innovative projects;

14) Organization and running of scientific-technical, technological, economic, marketing expertise of industrial-innovative projects;

15)  Pursuit of scientific, scientific-technical and industrial-innovative activities, including the realization of the rights to intellectual property objects, as well as conducting R&D and design-experimental activities;

16) Other activities not prohibited by legislation.