Commercialization is the process related to the practical use of scientific research-and-developments results with the purpose of bringing to the market new or improved products, services or processes and obtaining of commercial effect.
As a rule, it begins wherein scientific research are mainly completed and there is a clearly certain product or service, possessing properties and advantages, that presenting a value for commercial consumers. Commercialization finishing, when a product is successfully shown out to the market – in general case, when a break-even point is reached, i.e., sales revenue exceeds operating expenses.
Thus commercialization can accept three basic forms:
• Start of new business-project for the commercial use of technology,
• Sale of license to the use of technology to existent business,
• Exploitation of technology by the grant of services, including the technical consultancy, analytical and expert services, and also researches in contracts.

At this moment in LLP «Saryarka Technology Park» organized and functioning Regional center of commercialization (further -RCC). RCC is located in the building of Technology Park Stroiteley Street 4, 4th floor, office 408.

The goal of establishing a center
– Assistance in promotion and development of technology commercialization system in the region.

The objectives of the center:
• organization of cooperation between subjects of scientific and (or) scientific-technical activities, and private business of region entities in the field of commercialization of technologies;
• realization of the search and technology assessment for commercialization at the regional scale, to come forward as a representative/coordinator of Customer in the search of technologies and projects;
• assistance in conducting marketing studies and market research, if necessary;
• provision of consulting services in the field of intellectual property protection;
• assistance in the development of commercialization strategies and development of technologies commercialization strategy taking into account developers;
• assistance in organizing and running of educational workshops, trainings and courses organized by the Customer;
• consultation of applicants and potential partners for the delivery of technology commercialization grants, registration of applications for grants, as well as providing information on the conditions, forms and mechanisms of providing other tools of government support for industrial-innovation activity;
• participation in the preparation of presentation, information and other necessary materials for innovative projects and technologies to contribute in exhibitions, forums and other events;
• participation in regional fairs, exhibitions, workshops and conferences on innovative directions with the purpose of exposure and selection of perspective for technologies and projects commercialization.

RCC providing assistance in:
• Determination of commercial possibilities of scientific and research results,
• Development of ways to commercialize obtained scientific results,
• Bringing investments for taking development to the kind attracting for private investor,
• Issues related to the protection of intellectual property,
• Opportunities to participate in the international programs assisting commercialization of scientific and research results.

RCC employees help to scientists and inventors to solve the following issues:

• That more advantageous: to sell a patent or organize an own production?
• Produce and sell a product or render services?
• Delivering complex of services to the market, or delegate some part to the professionals/ to other command?
• Where to organize production – at your workplace or closer to the consumer?
• Will a future profit cover the expenses produced now?
• How is it better to protect intellectual property: in the mode of “try – do”, “know-how”, or patenting?
• Is it necessary to attract an investor and at which stage of product development it is essential to do??
• How is it necessary to distribute functions in a team?

Services provided by RCC:

– Information support of innovators in accordance with the government support measures for innovation activities;
– Justification of the projects “packaging” concept, registration of applications for innovation grants of JCS «National Agency for Technological Development»;
– Consulting services in the field of protection of intellectual property rights;
– Promotion of innovative projects in Kazakhstan and the world market;
– Assistance in the launching of small start-ups for the production of innovative products.

The list of services provided by RCC for innovation product promotion included:
– Design development and printing out of brochures;
– Development of presentation material on the project;
– Placement of information on various websites on the project;
– Participation on innovative exhibitions, forums and workshops on the project;
– Arrangement of business meetings with potential investors;
– Implementation of the project presentation at various events;
– Coordination of applications registration for different contests on commercialization;
– Conducting of negotiations with potential investors.