Primary activity of Technology Park is a Technology Business Incubation, which represented the service of providing premises, equipment, accounting, legal, information and consulting support, attraction of investments, project management, and other services necessary for the realization of industrial-innovative projects to the industrial-innovative entities on the initial stage of their operation.
Our Technology Park is the executor of Technology Business Incubation program, developed and coordinated by the JSC “National Agency for Technological Development”.

Program is implemented under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is directed to assist the initiators of innovative projects in their market promotion.
TBI program implemented in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 20th of September2012 year № 1226 «About approval of Rules of technology business incubation services, as well as determining the cost of these services».
TBI program objective – is maintenance of small innovative enterprises and innovators, “cultivation” of new firms, assisting in the establishment and successful operation on the early stage of development on a gratuitous basis.
Period of TBI Services of one project should not exceed twenty four (24) months from the date of TBI services start.
Total cost of TBI project services implementation is defined in accordance with the features of a particular project, but not more than 8 000 minimum calculation index per year specified by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the respective fiscal year.
Applicants for TBI services can be legal entities and physical persons. For participation in the TBI program applicant must meet the following criteria:
1) to have an orientation on the production of goods with certain quantitative and quality parameters;
2) have a product sample approved by corresponding experts, not requiring implementation of additional research works;
3) correspond to the planned provision of services within the TBI results, according to the Rules.
The procedures and forms of service delivery
The procedure of providing TBI services is conducted in ten stages:
1) Accepting applications from applicants for rendering TBI services;
2) Preliminary selection of applications by technology parks;
3) External examination of applications, after preliminary selection, organized by the coordinator;
4) assessment of TBI service cost validity, requested by the applicant;
5) consideration of requests by decision board;
6) coordinator decision making about providing of TBI services;
7) conclusion of agreement between techno park and service receiver on the basis of a typical TBI service contract;
8) the provision TBI technology parks service;
9) monitoring of projects realization within the TBI program framework;
10) estimation of TBI service provided results.
Under the TBI program to applicants may be granted the following services:
– Accounting support of the project – professional services in accounting, consulting the applicant on different issues related to accounting;
– Legal support of the project – professional legal services on issues arising in the process of project realization;
– General and administrative support of the project – provision of information support, of stationery and supplies, consulting on obtaining tools of government industrial-innovation support, preparation of presentation materials, organization of business meetings, office services, and other related services that are not included in the other subparagraphs of present paragraph;
– Economic support for the project – professional services related to economic calculations, advice on economic part of the project;
– Marketing support of the project – assessment of market definition criteria of competitiveness, development of marketing strategies, and other studies related to the promotion of the products on the market;
– Development of a business plan;
– Development of technical documentation – professional services associated with the use of modern technologies in product design, development engineering, technological, technical, regulatory documentation;
– – providing an infrastructure is a grant in the temporal retribution use to the declarant of apartments of the administrative, productive, auxiliary setting, necessary for realization of project, including payment for building services and services of connection, and also necessary equipment or services with the use of such equipment;
– advancement of project is development of logotype, design of presentation materials, another symbolic of project, providing of participation of recipient of services in exhibitions, placing of informative materials about a project in mass medias, networks of transfer of technologies, dedicated informative systems, other services related to distribution of information on a project;
– Translation support for the project;
– Consulting and engineering support for the project – the specialized services of technical, technological, rendered with the involvement of subcontractors whose participation is necessary for the implementation of specific measures for TBI in connection with the presence of suitably qualified resources;
– Organization of business trips for service receiver, related to the project realization;
– Testing and approbation of production to determine its parameters in the process of manufacture development;
– Assistance in releasing an experimental batch of project production for realization in the market;
– Assistance in the intellectual property patenting used in the project implementation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– Assistance in receiving the permission documents in accordance with the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan (certificates, licenses, technical specifications, standards, etc.).
In accordance with established procedures the applicants choose by themselves needed range and amount of services.
The selection of applications for participation in the program is provided on a competitive basis. Basic criteria in the project selection: competitiveness of the proposed solutions and the availability of innovative component.
Terms and conditions of technology business incubation service provision can be found here (link to the terms of TBI 2013)