Main goal: This project provides setting “Orthopedic clinic of R.S.Alimkhanova professor” for performing treatment – diagnostic support in case of orthopedic illness of children in RoK, in CIS and far-abroad countries based on own innovative technologies.


Innovative technology of new ways, new methods and various design of traction devices for its implementation are applied in treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system among children.

The basis of traction method and devices is a method of correction of soft tissue structures and formations of the musculoskeletal system among infants, which is a highly effective method, having no analogues in the world of modern pediatric orthopedics.

Innovative treatments as pr method of R.S Alimkhanova  is a new trend in orthopedics based on the use of traction devices which are extremely varying with low cost in relation to the existing traditional methods of conservative and operative treatment of both domestic and foreign counterparts and with more highly qualitative parameters in the treatment of orthopedic patients.

The use of innovative methods developed by Alimkhanova R.S permits complete and stable correction of alldeformation elements at any severity of pathology, has no complications and recurrences of deformation and in compliance with all principles of orthopedic treatment: non-traumatic, gentle, methods are functional and provides complete recovery, thus avoiding errors. Completely excluded any kind of surgical treatment and prolonged hospital stay, not applied long time-consuming plaster immobilization, also not applied orthopedic footwear and orthesis products, do not require medical and social rehabilitation, no disability of children.