Content of the project:
Development of efficient technologies for obtaining qualitative new fuel reducing material and energy costs which can be used at the modernized heating power station, boiler stations and at the private sectors.
Major goal: Obtaining coal product from sifting of coal of cut sections and mud wastes of tailing ponds of coal enriching manufactures by averaging, bracketing and balling.
Peculiarities of project: As per developed technology receiving charging materials from coal sections and wastes of coal enriching manufactures with given properties. It will allow:
– To use coal of Shubarkol and Maikobe fields, also wastes of coal enriching manufactures in energetic;
– By means of reducing storage at the territory of Karaganda oblast coal wastes (5-6 mln/tons) to improve ecological situation in the region;
– By reducing costs for fuel to reduce cost of heat and electrical energy;
– By using organic wastes of coke chemical production as binding materials to improve ecological situation of region;
– To set new energetic fuel which will provide safe operation of power stations
Implementation of new technologies on obtaining high quality solid fuel allows to solve ecological problems of region, to reduce quantity of sludge reservoirs from coal mud, to eliminate sources of contamination of environment with fluid wastes of coke chemistry production.
New techniologies of agglomeration of coal and coal mud allow to set qualitative solid fuel with given properties.
Also mini companies on producing graded fuel will provide setting of work places.