Main goal: production and installation of steam boilers of 1-10 tons per hour capacity. Testing of this equipment in critical loads, bring to the explosion to determine the possible damages. Preparation of technical documentation for equipment. Obtaining technical conclusion.
Short summary of the project
– fuel saving 30-40 % for the heating season
– simple serving
– automatic efficient functioning
– reparability
The novelty of this boiler heating is fundamentally new location of heat removal elements, allowing to provide a large area of heat removal and consequently achieve high efficiency, as well as competitive performance.
If necessary, the boiler can operate without additional energy sources, but in the basic version, it is equipped with modern appliances ensuring the its automatic efficient functioning.
Modular structure of “Heat exchanging module” in comparison with analogues, making it exclusively repairable, which is important in our climatic conditions.
Thus, the use of a modular principle allows to increase or decrease the capacity of the boiler without any major capital investment, labor, and changes in concept. When constructive additions to circuit design, it serves as the ram of a steam boiler. That is, the product can be used as heating, water heating or steam boiler.

Pic. 1 «Heat exchange module»
The heat exchanger module can be used for heating, hot water supply of residential and industrial buildings, as well as the generation of steam at a controlled supply of cooling medium to the boiler.
The technical result is the intensification of heat transfer, increase of efficiency, the heat transfer area, reducing the size and weight of the heat exchange module by applying several cylindrical heat exchangers, as well as increased reliability, durability of heat exchange module, reducing labor costs, ease of operation and saving of manufacturing space.

Steam boiler used in many sectors of the economy and industry (food, production of construction materials, etc.)