Major goal: Purpose of performing the project is industrial production and selling of heating boilers of new type, preliminary name “Heat exchange module”.
Specifics of the project: Industrial production of heat exchange module designated for heating production and non production facilities with capacity from 200 to 10 000 m2.

Modernization of this boiler is in new location of heat removing elements which allow to provide large area of heat removal and in result achieve high efficiency factor, also competitive operational characteristics. Besides in comparison with analogues, end products have low self cost. Operated sample with capacity of 500 kW (heating area 5000m2) provided more than double saving of fuel.
Industrial production of this product allows to reach considerable saving of costs no less than 40% and more times for heating in winter period of objects of any form of ownership. BY means of: easy installation, saving burning coal, no need in permanent control of its functioning (coal loading performed twice per day), low consumption of energy.