Main goal: production of industrial unit of new type on utilization of large dimensioned tires of over 1,5 meters in diameter by cutting.
Specifics of the project:
– Ecologically clean secondary processing of tire
– Mobility of the unit
– Capacity of the unit 5 tons per day
– Completely
– Completely autonomous operation of the unit.

The novelty of this machine is the location of two mobile and two non-moving hardened cutting blades provides a stable quality cut, the blades of the unit allow to cut machine one-piece tire with a thick wire board in the housing to the rim of the three segments into small meters, a width of 100 to 1000 mm. The blades have a rectangular shape and the same size, they are difficult to blunt and easy to sharpen if necessary. Splitting into smaller segments with hardened cutting knives is the most productive process when compared with other separation operations – cutting with gas, saw blades or discs.
The unit is easily transportable and mobile, allowing it to carry on the terrain without any difficulties if you want to take out the unit for processing of large accumulations of tires, where there is no electricity.
If necessary, can work without additional energy sources, but the basic version is equipped with low power consumption due to the fact that the oil-station operates at less than full load, it is very economical and easy to use in work, low noise, reliable security system that meets the requirements of ISO.
It has a powerful design and a large safety margin, and is served by one person.
Industrial production of this unit can achieve significant savings in disposal costs for oversized tires, due to the blades of the unit, lower cost of the product and its mobility.